Klairs Vitamin C Serum

By Veronica Laishram

After battling with rough and dry skin throughout the year I introduced my parched skin to the magical drops freshly juiced Vitamin C serum. It was an ideal pick for me considering I hadn’t used any Vitamin C range product before. The concentration of Vitamin C in this product is at 5 % which blended very well into my very sensitive skin type.

Along with all the benefits like collagen boosting, skin brightening, pigmentation prevention this particular product incorporates the goodness of Centella asiatica extracts which further contributes to skin healing and smoothening. And it didn’t prove to fail my expectations at all. Within few days the dry patches around my chin and cheeks started to fade. My dehydrated skin stared to feel smoother and healthier which previously all other hydrating moisturizers had failed to achieve. Back then I always felt the need to put more of those products in small time intervals. Thanks to Klairs for saving me some time.

I call it the “stabilized Lemon” because it’s been modified in a manner to not to react to the sun, unlike the other Vitamin C serums available. So now you know that it’s going to last longer in your vanity and demand for no space in your fridge.

So, here is how I incorporated it into my daily routine. At night, after cleansing, toning, and essence I applied it directly onto my skin. Then finished off my routine with my eye cream and moisturizer.

The texture is lite and slightly oily and even feels like a bit warm. When applied it gets absorbed very quickly and finished off matte on my skin without any irritation.

In the mornings I added about 1-2 drops into my moisturizer. And also locked all its benefits by applying a good SPF. Application of SPF after the serum is necessary, you don’t want to forget sealing all the goodness of the magical drops by the sun protector before stepping out.

Summer or winter the wonderful drops of Klairs freshly juiced Vitamin C serum has rejuvenated my skin. I highly recommend this as I have a very sensitive skin type I would not opt for a more acidic product. This feels just right on my skin and on my pocket.



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